If you can't fulfill the date you've been given, please contact one of the other people listed and see if they'll swap with you, or find a replacement. Thank you in advance for your help.

Teas Info and Handy Hints!
Tea time can be unpredictable – generally 1m matches break for tea around 4pm (1st XI) and 3.30pm (2ndXI) so its good to arrive by 2.45pm to get set up

On arrival check the urn is on …….and filled!

You need to provide 4 loaves of sandwiches (or equivalent, e.g. rolls/wraps/pizza) with a variety of fillings , 4 cakes (or cake bars/mini rolls/scones), fruit goes down well as do crisps and nibbles! Feel free to be as creative as you like, but remember it all disappears very quickly so don’t make it your life’s work!

Please also bring 2 pints of milk – everything else should be there. If not…..let someone know asap!

    If you are willing to be called upon for late cover, all help is always very much appreciated, so just get in touch