Hertingfordbury CC News story

Social Media

19 May 2015

To all Hertingfordbury members
As a club, we are trying to increase the amount of social media and technology used.
The aim is to keep people involved with the club, up to date with fixtures, attract new players and create new lines of communication with current players to help the club run smoother.

As of now we have:
Facebook group- Hertingfordbury CC - please join. (Some of you may have had a message on Facebook about this which also contains a link). 

Twitter - Hertingfordbury CC - please follow

I would like anyone (playing or not) to please join both of these groups to create an additional method of communication. 
Some of you may not have Facebook or Twitter accounts, don't worry you will not miss any info.
P.S. If you know someone who has Facebook / Twitter and hasnt signed up, give them a gentle nudge or a friendly reminder.

Thanks All, Enjoy a winning cricketing summer.