Hertingfordbury CC - PITCH PREP ROUTINE

Day 1: Roll (1-2 hours), Mow (8mm), Scarify, Water 30mins
Day 2: Roll (½-1½ hours), Mow, Drag-brush; Water for 10mins
Day 3: Drag-brush, Scarify, Mow; (last day to safely water before match day) Water 10mins
Day 4: Roll (½-1 hour), Drag-brush; Mow;
Day 5: Roll (½-1 hour), Drag-brush, Scarify, Mow, Mark-out (or on match day);
Day 6: Match Day: Drag-brush, Double mow (4-6mm), Final Roll of 10 minutes, Mark-out

WATER only if  there has been no significant rainfall.
ROLL when there is at least a small amount of give (placticity) in the soil. Press the soil, if no mud marks your thumb you're good to go.